Al Falaq V.1-5

Creation of Allah

Fatima Altaf (Group Sumayyah)
This entire surah is a dua seeking refuge from creation of Allah that has evil within it. All creation has good and bad within it, here we are asked to seek refuge from those who do magic and from jealousy. Jealousy is a very common emotion that can arise in people, especially when they see someone with a blessing that they want taken away. This can cause the evil eye to befall upon the person or the person who is jealous, may manifest this physically. We should never think that we are always safe from this, but constantly ask Allah to save us from the evil of mankind.


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Surah Al Ikhlas Recitation

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Al Ikhlas V.1-4


Fatima Altaf (Group Sumayyah)
This surah summarizes the message of the Quran, the oneness of Allah (SWT). It emphasizes worshiping Allah alone and the concept of Tawheed. It also tells us that we should be turning to Allah because we are in need of Him, and He is the one who is self-sufficient.

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Al Masad V.1-5

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Al Masad V.1-5

Abu Lahab

Al Huda Student
This surah was revealed in context to Abu Lahab’s severe opposition to the Prophet (SAW) and the religion of Islam. It is a humiliation for him because the punishment him and his wife will face in the hell-fire. Abu Lahab was very arrogant on the earth, always flaunting his wealth and his children, using all his effort to destroy Islam. His striving was of no avail because the punishment he would suffer in the afterlife would be far more terrible.

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Surah An Nasr Recitation

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An Nasr V.1-3

Granting Victory

Fatima Altaf (Group Sumayyah)
Then exalt [Him] with praise of your Lord and ask forgiveness of Him. Indeed, He is ever Accepting of repentance. [An Nasr:3]
Surah Al Nasr is the last surah to be revealed in the Quran in its entirety. An important lesson can be learnt from this surah, when Allah grants victory the best way to celebrate is by being humble and praising Allah. Even after the victory, we can still have shortcomings, so we should sincerely repent.

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