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What’s the purpose?

Uzma Hussain (Al Huda Student)
[He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed – and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving – [Al Mulk:2]
‘Surah Mulk’ convinced me beyond doubt that the purpose of life on this earth for all humanity is to go through tests. Then depending on how one performs in the different life situations that one is exposed to, one’s eventual and eternal destination is determined. Thus throughout life each and every one of us will be tested. Where hard times test our patience, good times are an even bigger test, ie. Whether we remain humble and grateful to Allah, or do we loose ourselves in the luxuries and distractions around us? And most important of all! Will we recognize the purpose of our life despite the desires of our ‘nafs’ and whisperings of Shaytan making an all out effort to keep us oblivious to our responsibilities as humble servants of Allah(swt)? There are innumerable signs around us through which we can recognize the truth. What are needed are ears that listen to admonition, eyes that perceive the actual reality, and hearts that allow the light of Guidance to shine through them and change for the better. Thus, depending on the choices we make, we ourselves determine our destiny. It’s about time that we open up our hearts to the truth and come out of the depths of darkness by owning up to our mistakes and repenting to Allah(swt). Furthermore, we must strive our utmost in the way of Allah to win His pleasure. Then, we may become worthy of HIS Mercy on the Day of Judgement and be hopeful of entering the abode of eternal peace: Jannah, InshaAllah, Ameen.-


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