Adh Dhariyaat V.1-60

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An Oath
By those [winds] scattering [dust] dispersing
And those [clouds] carrying a load [of water]
And those [ships] sailing with ease
And those [angels] apportioning [each] matter,
Indeed, what you are promised is true.
And indeed, the recompense is to occur.
By the heaven containing pathways,
Indeed, you are in differing speech.
Deluded away from the Qur’ān is he who is deluded.
Destroyed are the falsifiers
Who are within a flood [of confusion] and heedless.
They ask, “When is the Day of Recompense?”
[It is] the Day they will be tormented over the Fire
[And will be told], “Taste your torment. This is that for which you were impatient.” [Adh Dhariyaat:1-14]

The style of the Makki surahs is very different. The surah starts off with so much power and is a direct address. Allah (swt) swears an oath by many things and the reason is to show that the Day of Judgment will definitely happen. If it is this true that it will happen what have we prepared for ourselves? Are we the ones swimming around in the ocean of confusion we have made? Are we the ones who are deluded from the most beautiful speech- Qur’an? Or are we the saved ones? Our actions will be the judge on the Day of Judgment.


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Surah Adh Dhariyaat Recitation

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