Taha V.77-104

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No Logic

[Moses] said, “Then go. And indeed, it is [decreed] for you in [this] life to say, ‘No contact.’ And indeed, you have an appointment [in the Hereafter] you will not fail to keep. And look at your ‘god’ to which you remained devoted. We will surely burn it and blow it into the sea with a blast. [Taha:97]
This verse really made me think about what proof those who worship idols have? There is nothing that logically or physically points to the proof that pieces of wood or stone can do anything for a person. It is a huge humiliation that Samiri had his God burnt. He made this God of gold and gave it a mooing sound but it sounds insane to think that the people who worship these Gods are the ones who made them. It doesn’t even make sense logically. As he led others astray he was punished in the dunya by never allowing anyone near him. This is a sign for us that if we are fast enough to disobey Allah (swt) we should be fast enough to also accept the consequences.


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Taha V.41-76

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