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 Surah Overview

Below are the characteristics of the hypocrites mentioned in this surah. Listen to the recitation from verses 38-93 and judge your character:
1. V.38. Preferring the worldly life over the Hereafter.
2. V.42. Making false excuses in explanation for not following the commandments of the Deen.
3. V.45. Being in doubt about Allah and the Hereafter.
4. V.46. Making excuses or keeping away at the time when the Deen requires help or service.
5. V.48. Working and striving to cause rifts among the believers.
6. V.49. Being negligent in performing obligatory duties / not performing obligatory acts on time.
7. V.50. Not liking the success of religious people. Rejoicing at the time of their difficulty and suffering from calamity.
8. V.54. Not spending in Allah’s way with happiness, praying Salah with laziness.
9. V.55. The centre for all interests is wealth and children.
10. V.56. Taking false oaths.

11. V.57. Abandoning the commandment of Deen on the very opportunity.
12. V.58. Complaining attitude, taunting behaviour.
13. V.61. Disrespecting the Messenger of Allah (saw).
14. V.62. Being religious out of fear of people and striving to please people alone.
15. V.65. Making fun of Deen (eg. Sunnah), having a non-serious attitude towards Deen. Having an excuse for everything.
16. V.69. Availing all the benefits of worldly life and uselessly arguing about Deen
17. V.75. Supplicating to gain wealth so as to give charity but on receiving wealth becoming miserly. Waiting for the ideal situation.
18. V.79. Making fun of people’s good deeds so as to discourage them.
19. V.67. Commanding what is wrong, forbidding what is right, keeping away from spending in ways of goodness, having forgotten Allah, exceeding limits in all matters.
20. Lacking knowledge or understanding.
21. V. 82. Laughing excessively
22. V. 86. Not working hard
23. V. 84. Committing sins
24. V. 66. Committing actions of kufr while being ‘believers’
25. V. 70. Not taking lessons for oneself





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