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Prayer Mocking

Ambreen Haneef (Group Khadija)
And when you call to prayer, they take it in ridicule and amusement. That is because they are a people who do not use reason. [Al Maidah:58]
In class today we mentioned some of the very infamous ways in which people ridicule or are amused with Muslims and prayer. A few to name includes making fun of the way that Muslims pray and commenting especially about ruku and sujood. These two positions are the one in which a person is most humble before Allah (swt) yet some people take it as a joke. Another common one is the way in which people dress, women must be covered and men wear their pants above their ankles. It seems this really amuses minds of some people who for some reason can not get over this point. Lastly, something that even many Muslims are guilty of is ridiculing the adhaan. The adhaan is the call to prayer and sometimes although we hear it we continue our talking and laughing, we do not listen to what is being said. Even this is ridiculing as what is it in our conversations that could be more important? We should watch our actions and make sure we do not fall in this category.


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Al Maidah V.41-50 Al Ma’idah V.51-66

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