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Saba Naz (Group Fatima)
Why is the month of Ramadan seen as being so sacred? If we think back we remember that it is in this month that the holy Qur’an was revealed and so the month plays an important part in the life of a muslim. Usually during this month we remember Allah and the Qur’an very much which is good but is also upsetting because once the month is over the idea of remembering the Qur’an usually goes too.
  As muslims we should always remember the glory of the Qur’an and why exactly it is that we were given such a miracle. We should remember to take heed and apply the commands of Allah in our life. This is not something that should only take place one month out of the year. We should instill within ourselves such a love for the Qur’an that we spend as much time with the Qur’an as possible.
During the month of Ramadan every muslim is obliged to fast for the fixed amount of days. However, with the mercy of Allah, there are some exceptions. If one is ill or they are on a journey then it is permissible that they do not need to fast but can make up the days later. Other permissions when one does not need to fast but can make up the missed days later is when a woman is on her menses or is pregnant and unable to fast. Subhanallah! We never think about the fact that Allah makes our deen easier for us and we make it harder on ourselves. Next time Ramadan comes around remember to thank Allah for this blessed month but do not take it as the month of remembrance because each any everyday should bring a reminder for us, a mumin never forgets the goal of life.


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