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Are we believers?

Sophia (Student)
While offering my zhur prayer today I couldn’t help but smile when mentioning Prophet Ibrahim (as) in my salah. What a different feeling now that I have begun to understand how he was tested with Allah’s commands. I couldn’t help but to ponder over the importance of this man and the honour he was given by Allah (swt) by making him a leader to this people. Until this day he is mentioned in the prayer of every muslim. I now know as to why we remember Prophet Ibrahim (as) in our salah, five times a day, everyday of the year. That makes it over one thousand eight hundred times per person.
When his Lord said to him, “Submit”, he said “I have submitted [in Islām] to the Lord of the worlds.” [Al Baqarah:131]
  Without hesitation Ibrahim (as) fullfilled the commands of Allah, big or small. Allah said believe and he Believed, no hesitation but only submission.
  We should question ourselves and whether we submit or hesitate?
Are we believers when we delay our salah? Are we believers when we talk back to our parents? Are we believers when giving zakat/sadaqa feels like a burden?
 Allah has made his commands so easy for us to fullfill compared to what our Prophets were commanded then why do we hesitate when we have to obey our rabb, He who is the planner, creator, nourisher and owner of all the world?


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