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Medihah Hussain (Group Ruqayyah)
When I sit down alone to reflect on the day and what I have done I smile and thank Allah for giving me this chance to be here. There are billions of people in the world and out of them I am one small little dot in the world and here I am with this opportunity to do this course. Although I am away from home and my parents I know that this is the best thing that I can do for myself. I had the opportunity to go to a university and get a degree but when I think about it what use is it? What would that degree do for me other than give me some acknowledgement in the duniya? When I die no one will remember me for that degree i could have 5 of them a masters, phd, a big house, a shiny car, lots of jewelry and still it would do nothing for me other than look good on my duniya report card.
Allhumdulillah, this course has really opened my eyes. The real report card that I need to be worried about is the one that is to come in the hereafter. Around me everyone is panicking and going crazy about the test on Monday while I sit and think to myself what better way is there to really test the roots of my deen? It’s not like regular school where if you fail guess what? You’re going to have to redo a whole year of schooling and its a whole year gone down the drain. This is something that is between me and my Allah (swt). If I fail it miserably at least I will have failed trying rather than pass without really feeling a tie to my Rabb.
  My life has completely changed over these past few weeks. I have these flashbacks of my life only a month ago: me going out all day, coming home late, msn chats, the whole purpose of my life has changed since the start of the course. I have realized the importance of life, of family, of friends, of keeping good relations and of purifying myself.
  When I used to stand to pray I would get a weakness over me and sit down then think “Its okay, I mean I’ll pray tomorrow so I’ll make it up. Plus i’ll pray my sunnat prayer tomorrow so it will make up for the salat I missed today.” Now when I stand to pray I feel a deep strength which comes from within my heart and I know that this is what I was missing. Before leaving for al huda i was thinking “Oh my, how am I going to survive without my friends? No more movies? What?! No more being on the phone and wait…there is no INTERNET in the hostels?” I was so worried about “sacrificing” these things but now I see clearly that If I had not come I would have sacrificed my deen for the duniya. I’m one of the lost members of Bani Israel..I see myself in them, I’m sure there are a lot of us that do. All I do is pray to Allah that now I am here may this be the most life changing experience and may Allah give me the strength to actually use this knowledge in a positive manner.
 I still remember many lessons I have learnt and from one: have good relations with your parents. It’s been almost a month since I saw them and I did not really leave them on a great note. It’s when you read the Quran and you move away from home you value the things you have in life. There is nothing like your parents and what they do for you. Sometimes I will remember my parents and I think about how much they have done, how have I repaid them? Allhumdulillah it is the month of ramadan and I pray that I am able to ask for forgiveness and the ability to strengthen the bond between us. I look around and see girls sitting in class and I wonder how many will go home today and see their mothers? How many will speak to their mothers and have the change to strengthen their bonds? I will not because I live in a hostel but I pray that Allah does give me the chance to strengthen that bond at least once.
  Oh Allah allow this knowledge that I am getting to sink into my heart, my soul, to change me, to provide me with a base to layer my deen on top. Oh Allah give everyone who came here guidance and knowledge that they will be able to take with them for the rest of their lives. Ameen.
If I sacrificed anything to be here, it was well worth it! As Dr. Farhat would say…ALLHUMDULILLAH and SMILE


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Surah Al Baqarah V.92-103

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