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Student of Al Huda
And [recall] when you slew a man and disputed over it, but Allāh was to bring out that which you were concealing.[AlBaqarah:72]
Bani Israel were known for their transgressing ways and they did not have much obedience. What I learnt from this lesson was that we always assume we know something but we forget that Allah knows what we know not. A man from amongst Bani Israel was killed and no one knew who did it. Everyone began blaming each other and chaos formed as they disputed and began killing each other. In such a situation it was extremely hard to find the actual killer. Each person assumed they knew who it was.
  Did they not think that only Allah knows? He knows the unseen and the inside of each individual!
So, We said, “Strike the slain man with part of it.” Thus does Allāh bring the dead to life, and He shows you His signs that you might reason.[Al Baqarah:73]
In verse 73 it says He-Allah- told them to strike the dead man with a part of the cow and thus he came to life. Once he came to life he told the people who it was that had killed him and so peace was once again restored. What we learn from this incident is that assumption is not good. It is based on nothing, it is easy to assume and to blame but we can not know the reality of the unseen.
  Allah knows what is in each persons heart and what it is we conceal so why assume and blame when we can turn to Him? Only He will be able to clarify and doubt or confusion we have. He is all powerful, all wise. Who is it that could have bought someone to life again to restore peace within society? Bani Israel were blessed but they did not see this. Let us acknowledge our blessings and not be ungrateful.


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Surah Al Baqarah V.63-73

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