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Medihah Hussain(Group Ruqayyah)
Reading through these ayahs made me realize that we are increasingly ungrateful. Allah asks them to remember the blessings that he favoured them with and I thought about myself and how much I thank Allah and am grateful. Have we ever stopped complaining to see all that we have and how much abundance we are blessed with? Not even for a minute.
Allah tells us to only fear Him; we constantly are afraid of people and of what they will think rather than Allah. When have we stopped from doing something due to fear of Allah? We don’t do that yet we are so fast to stop from something that people tell us to stop from. So do we worship Allah alone?
Near the ending of the verses Allah again mentions to Bani Israel to remember the favours which he blessed upon them. This is a clear sign for us to also remember and think about the things that we are given. We are told about fear again and to fear a day that no soul will benefit another. This refers to the day of judgement, there will be intercession for anyone and all of our actions will be put before us. Are we deserving of Allah’s mercy? His grace?
In both the beginning and end of the verses it talks about remembering blessings and also fear. From this I learnt a very important lesson that when one does not value the blessings that are given from Allah it is ingratitude. When we are not grateful to Allah we lessen the rights that He has on us. Once we do this we easily stray and become misguided.
Having taqwa is the key to Iman.


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