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Obedient and Guided

Medihah Hussain (Group Ruqayyah)
What really struck me from these verses was that the angels asked Allah whether He will place a being on the earth who will cause mischief? This showed me that they actually do think about things and are not robotic as we have always pictured them to be. Allah replies that He knows what they do not- again this reminded me of myself. We always seem to think we know everything but compare what Allah knows and what we do. He can see far beyond what our vision takes us. We know nothing in comparison and so why do we fall back on acting out the commands of Allah? He does what is best for us so we should obey Him and His commands.
  Allah blessed Adam (as) with knowledge and taught Him the names of everything. It just shows that Allah can give knowledge to whomever He wills. We are not automatically any better than the next person if we are blessed with knowledge but it truly is the mercy of Allah that He has given us the opportunity to study His book- The Holy Qur’an.
  When the angels were informed of all the names Allah taught Adam (as) they said He is exalted and they have no knowledge except what He has taught them. Again, this magnifies the sheer power and might of Allah. The angels realize that their questioning what Allah is going to create is insignificant as in the end whatever Allah wants will happen and He is all powerful, He knows what he creates. I learnt that we should not question Allah(swt). We are always so quick to begin questioning rather than admitting that Allah knows all and we are just the creation of Allah.
  Allah gave Adam (as) respect from the angels when they were made to bow down to him. From this we learn that ultimate honor comes from Allah and no matter what we do we will not be honored until Allah (swt) allows it. Ibliss was arrogant and his pride got in the way of obeying Allah, he lost his high rank as a Jinn amongst the angels because of his pride. As a lesson for us- Obey Allah, He is the all knowing and seeing, what He commands has wisdom. Our knowledge is little in comparison to His and we have no power against Him. Let us not follow in the footsteps of Ibliss but instead, like the angels, bow down but this time to Allah and recognize the power He has.
 May Allah guide us to what pleases Him. Ameen.


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Surah Al Baqarah V.30-39

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