Surah Al Baqarah V.21-25

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Medihah Hussain (Group Ruqayyah)
Take a moment to think: How many times have we looked at something and said “that belongs to me”? We always label things as “mine” or “yours” but we never think that all that we have belongs to Allah. Lord of the worlds. He has given us so many blessings including our homes, food and family. All He wants in return is to be worshipped which is definitely a creators right over the creation.
  Some of the blessings that are mentioned are making the earth a bed. A bed is symbolic of comfort which one can find in Allahs blessings. The sky is another blessing in itself and from it we benefit the nation as a whole. From the sky comes water that provides us fruits, without the provision from the sky where would we be? Subhanallah for those of intellect they are able to see the signs and use them as admonition.
  The signs are clear but there are those who are not of intellect and do not understand the signs. Allah has challenged them to bring a surah like any one in the Qur’an. Even one single ayah from the Qur’an can not be written by any human. It shows that the Qur’an has definitely come from a divine source. Allah says with certainty if you do not believe then also bring a witness to witness other than Allah.
  How can it be that anything even close to the verses of the Qur’an can be written it is humanly impossible that we can come up with anything of the sort. Due to this Allah says we will never be able to write a surah like it and so we should fear the hell fire. I became so scared thinking about the hellfire, a small burn makes us cry out how will anyone be able to handle the blazing fire?
  There are good tidings for the believers and those who know that they are merely the creation of Allah (swt). They know that they can not bring anything that is like the Qur’an and they do not disbelieve in what He has sent down. For them are gardens and rivers which flow there. The beauty of paradise really made me think about how lucky the people of paradise will be.
  No matter what we do these verses are a reminder for us: there are clear signs of Allah wherever we look. We are also a sign of the might of Allah (swt) but only those of intellect will be able to realize this.
Are we possessors of intellect or not?


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